Why fitting a van floor vent could save your life

In July last year, a van exploded in the centre of Leeds – causing injuries to the driver as well as disrupting traffic.

This outcome was, in fact, a very good one – the explosion, which was caused by an acetylene gas cylinder, could have been a lot worse.

Managing director of the Moorhead Group which owns the van, said;

“We’re very relieved that the driver has escaped. He has superficial burns to his hands and the back of his head.”

There was only one person in the van, and the vehicle was carrying gas-filled cylinders – the driver, and any pedestrians that may have been around him at the time, were very lucky.

Van gas explosion

This video was captured by VPS at the Health and Safety Laboratory, Buxton and shows just how devastating the effects of a van gas explosion can be – click below to watch:

Carriage of Dangerous Goods, How Does ADR Apply, Van Explodes In Leeds City Centre BBC News, Van Expodes You Tube / Van Carrying Oxy Acetylene

Research was undertaken about ventilation in the rear of enclosed vans and how acetylene gas can build up; as you can see, taking steps to minimise such a problem are crucial to any van owner, company director or fleet manager where acetylene gas is being transported.

ADR, Acetylene and small scale carriage of industrial gases 

LPG, Acetylene, and other gases are often carried by tradesmen such as motor vehicle repair technicians and welders – health and safety recommendations can be found here. It is certain that ventilation is important when carrying any such gases.

Carriage of dangerous goods

Carrying any goods by road or rail can involve the risk of traffic accidents but when the goods are dangerous, there is the added risk of incidents like spillage, that could result in fire, explosion, chemical burns and environmental damage. Click here to read more about the subject from the Health and Safety Executive.

Why fitting a van floor vent could save your life – new legislation

Order your van floor vent today!

Order your floor vents today!

There is now, thankfully, a lot more awareness and legislation about ensuring that vans are properly ventilated when carrying dangerous gases – our vent meets the new requirements and is small enough to fit to small vans. The vent bonds directly to the floor of the vehicle after cutting a small 73mm diameter hole.

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Don’t put off tomorrow what you could do today – be safe and stay within legislation if you are carrying acetylene or other industrial gases that require floor ventilation!

Floor vent

Van Floor Vent

Floor Vent technical drawing

Floor vent

Part No: 89-5700

Technical details:
Description Floor Ventilator
Material ABS
Cut-out Dimension Ø 80mm